Friday, 24 March 2017

Cornish Public Opinion Poll


   The following Public Opinion Poll is being conducted by the Cornish National Movement online and will be produced in leaflet form for distribution throughout Kernow.

*  Are you Cornish?

*  Do you think that too many people from upcountry and overseas are coming to live in Cornwall?

*  Wales and Scotland now have their own devolved Assembly and Parliament, do you think Cornwall should be granted self-government with its own Assembly or Parliament?

*  Do you oppose the integration of Cornish institutions and parliamentary constituencies with those of Devon and other parts of south-west England?

*  Do you agree that Celtic Cornwall's links are with Wales and Brittany instead of England?

*  Do you think Cornish children at Cornish schools should have the opportunity to learn the Cornish language?

*  Do you think that local Cornish people should be given priority in employment and housing?

*  Do you agree that Cornwall is a Celtic Nation like Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland and Brittany?

Please answer YES or NO and reply to:

Cornish National Movement  -

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