Thursday, 23 March 2017

Cornish National Movement: Questions and Answers

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Q)  How long has the Cornish National Movement been in existence?

A)  The Cornish National Movement was formed on 1st March 2017 by a group of Cornish Nationalists dedicated to campaigning for Cornish ethnic-nationalism, as an alternative to the civic-nationalism of the left-wing Mebyon Kernow party.

Q)  Do you have many members?

A)  It is our policy not to reveal membership figures for our organisation but we are recruiting more new members and supporters every week.

Q)  How is the Cornish National Movement organised and led?

A)  The Cornish National Movement is led collectively by a National Council based on the Round Table of King Arthur's Celtic Knights who held court at Tintagel in Cornwall. The CNM National Council meet regularly to decide and vote on policy, tactics and campaigns. Local Groups and Branches of the CNM are being formed throughout Cornwall and outside Cornwall among ethnic Celtic people who are Cornish by birth or descent.

Q)  Do you contest elections?

A)  The Cornish National Movement is a pressure group not a registered political party. However, we do encourage our members and supporters to contest elections in Cornwall as Independent candidates to promote our ethnic Cornish Nationalist Aims and Objectives, particularly in areas where Mebyon Kernow and the Cornish Nationalist Party are not standing. Despite our differences with some of MK's policies we have no wish to split the pro-Cornish vote.

Q)  Is the Cornish National Movement anti-English?

A) The Cornish National Movement is pro-Cornish and our struggle is to Free Cornwall from English/UK Westminster rule. The CNM campaigns against in-migration into Kernow from England but we have no problem with English people living in their own English Nation who do not interfere in Cornish affairs. In fact we have contacts with English Nationalists who sympathise with our Cause, just as the Cornish Nationalist Party (CNP) worked with the English National Party (ENP) during the 1970's, for the best interests of our respective European peoples.

Q)  Is the Cornish National Movement right-wing?

A)  We are neither right-wing or left-wing but Cornish Nationalist. We promote a Third Way and a new approach in Cornish politics beyond the old and obsolete positions of Right and Left.

Q)  Is the Cornish National Movement racist, fascist, anti-Semitic or Islamophobic?

A)  The Cornish National Movement is none of those things. We believe in Cornwall for the Cornish and we are opposed to non-Cornish, non-Celtic and non-European immigration but we do not promote racist hatred for other races and nationalities. In fact we sympathise with other oppressed peoples overseas such as the Palestinians, Tibetans and Native American Indians. The truth is that the real race haters are the cosmopolitan Internationalists and Globalists who seek to dragoon mankind into a tyrannical One World State - a modern day Tower of Babel, where the unique and distinct races and nations of humanity would be destroyed through integration and mixing.The Fascists and National Socialists were Italian and German but we are Cornish and we do not copy foreigners. Fascism and National Socialism while being nationalist and anti-Communist also tended to ride roughshod over civil liberties and freedoms, while we believe in freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press with the right to reply, the right to join Trade Unions and freedom of religion both for ourselves and our opponents. We also disagree with Nazi Germany's invasion and occupation of other European nations during the War (Soviet Russia also invaded and occupied Poland during 1939). Italian Fascism was not racist or anti-Semitic when it first started but became so later on under German National Socialist influence. Fascism was a nationalist revolt against mass unemployment and the depression of the 1930's but is no longer applicable to the 21st century. The fact is that Communism is responsible for an estimated 100 million deaths or more in Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia during the 20th century through mass executions, contrived famines and slave labour death camps, far more than ever died under the Fascist and Nazi regimes (the Kronstadt Uprising in 1921 was a Russian Revolt of Workers, Civilians, Anarchists, Soldiers and Sailors against Bolshevik tyranny, and the Russian Anarchist pioneer and philosopher, Mikhail Bakunin was accused by the Reds of being an "Anti-Semite" due to his criticism of Karl Marx and the Rothschilds). We stand for Cornish National Democracy not Dictatorship. We are not anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim (as we recognise that not all Jews are Zionists, Usurers, International Financiers or Marxists and not all Muslims are terrorists or anti-Christian. There are Jewish anti-Zionist groups such as Neturei Karta who support Palestinian rights and most Muslims are anti-Zionist and anti-Communist. 60,000 white Muslim Bosnians and Albanians, and also Arabs, North Africans, Tatars, Uzbeks, Turkics and other races and nationalities volunteered in the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS to fight against Communism during World War II).

Q)  Does the Cornish National Movement support violence and terrorism?

A)  No. The Cornish National Movement are National Democrats and we seek to further our Aims and Objectives by legal political activity only. We do uphold the right of our members to defend themselves if attacked by our political opponents on the violent anti-free speech Far-Left. While the CNM fully understands and has sympathy for Cornish people who are frustrated and angry about the English Imperialist occupation and ethnic cleansing of Kernow, the foreign ownership of second homes and the uncontrolled influx of incomers into our Celtic homeland, we have no links to militant underground paramilitary groups such as the An Gof/Cornish National Liberation Army/Kernow National Liberation Army/Cornish Liberation Army or Cornish Republican Army.

Q)  Does the Cornish National Movement support a United Ireland?

A)  Yes we do. The Cornish National Movement gives full and complete support to the struggle for Irish Freedom and a United Ireland for the Irish People. The so-called "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" is NOT a "nation". Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and England are real nations. So-called "British Nationalism" as promoted by political parties such as the British National Party (BNP), British Democratic Party (BDP) and the National Front (NF) is obsolete and outdated. Furthermore, the "Union Jack" does not include the St Piran's flag of the Cornish Nation nor the Red Dragon flag of the Welsh Nation and does not represent us.

Q)  How is the Cornish National Movement funded? Do you have financial backing from some large organisation or individual?

A)  The Cornish National Movement is an organisation run on a non-profit basis and membership is free. The CNM is not funded by Big Business or the Trade Unions and we rely on donations from our members and supporters to finance our political campaigns, literature, meetings and activities.


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